At Ubud Hanging Gardens we are pleased to offer creative activities where you can learn a skill, develop new interests or explore fresh perspectives on life.


Condensed beauty and culture is what awaits you, cycling along the Yulong river's countryside.

Bamboo rafting on the Yulong river

The journey along the river is a slow and relaxed one passing through beautiful scenery while a local propels the way using a pole.

In summer, you can enjoy water fights or quick dips in the water. Ideal for children as well!

Rock climbing

Whether you are a seasoned master or a complete beginner, Yangshuo is a great place to climb. The limestone cliffs of Yangshuo are like few other places in the world.

The activity is 100% safe for children and total beginners.

Yulong cycling route

The most rewarding way of discovering Yangshuo's beauty is by cycling through the country-side.

Through small villages, along rivers and mountains, enjoy the stunning scenery and authentic Chinese countryside atmosphere.

Cormorant fishing

This traditional method of fishing, using tame birds with neck restrictors (so they can't swallow the fish) is declining, so jump at the occasion now.

(The birds are always allowed to eat some of their catch and they are also kept in good condition.)

Moon Hill

Moon Hill is not only an incredibly beautiful arch, it is certainly also one of the most interesting climbing spots in the area. Close to the Yulong river, it's a nice place to cycle to.

You can walk all the way to the top of the mountain, for a unique view of the karst landscape.

Light impression show

The now famous Liu Sanjie show in Yangshuo is supposed to be the biggest natural stage in the world. The show is performed on the waters of Li River and its surroundings.

Over 600 locals perform and sing, they are mainly local farmers, fisherman.


Swimming in two of the rivers in Yangshuo is a great addition to any bike ride and a fun family activity too.

There are many small beaches and undeep spots along the Yulong and Li river, though you should always be careful of the currents.

Traditional fan painting in Fuli

Being an ancient town near Yangshuo, Fuli is considered to be the hometown of the hand-painted paper fan.

Watch the intricate paper fans being made and hand painted in this sleepy old town set on the banks of the Li River. Or give it a try yourself!

Longji rice terraces

The famous and beautiful Longji rice terraces are only a few hours ride away from Yangshuo.

The rice terraces were constructed over 500 years ago and offer a great place for trekking, relaxing and inspiration. Recommended to spend one night there, to enjoy without hurrying.

Shangri-La Theme park

It is a man-made park, that takes in the natural beauty of surrrounding area with its small river and large karst peaks in the background.

Ticket includes a boat tour, with locals performing a tacky but funny routine along the way.

Old Stone village

A visit to this fascinating Qing-dynasty stone village (Shitoucheng), perched on top of a limestone peak, is an unusual foray into the countryside and makes a great day trip for those looking for an off-the-beaten-track adventure.

Gold Water cave

Though the cave is interesting to visit, the major attraction here are the mud bath and hot water spring.

Have fun in the mud bath with your friends, then shower before chilling out in the hot spring.