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Our hotel at the Yulong river

Our remote location at the Yulong riverside brings you relaxation and beauty, while being very close to all major sightseeing spots.

Countryside, beauty and convenience

With Yangshuo becoming more and more crowded and touristy, our hotel aims to offer its guests a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Surrounded by the karst mountains, lying on the border of the beautiful Yulong river, our hotel is a perfect place from which to immerse yourself in the authentic Chinese countryside culture and Yangshuo's breathtaking landscapes.

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Our rooms

All of our rooms are spacious and comfortable, and have their own balcony or terrace. They all look out on nature, though some have a better view of the mountains while others have a penthouse overlooking the Yulong river as well.

Sunset Clouds restaurant(currently closed)

Breakfast on our backyard terrace, dinner on the rooftop terrace, and afternoon tea at the riverside? Make the best of every meal!

Our hotel is quite new, and so is our menu. Our kitchen staff however is experienced with serving delicious Chinese specialties and local dishes, and has also been trained in the preparation of Western dishes.

A relaxing environment, surrounded by nature, many different spots in and around our hotel to enjoy your drinks and meals... Many ways in which to enjoy your stay.


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